Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The List Is

The list is the origin of culture. It’s part of the history of art and literature. What does culture want? To make infinity comprehensible. It also wants to create order.

- Umberto Eco

* * * 

- You are not alone.
- Commerce is not life.
- You are here to experience being here.
- You are part and whole.
- What makes us human is our story.
- People need hope.
- Service to others is our highest good.
- Creativity is the umbilical to the universe.
- Because we are finite, we are to leave gifts behind.
- Hatred is the denial of mystery.
- When we come to know God we become God.
- We are free to fail. Narcissism is proof.
- Resisting the mystery induces sorrow.
- We are easily deluded.
- We mistake metaphors and signs for reality.
- We fear death because we fear life.
- You are part of the trees.
- We are to be amazed, alive to wonder.
- Fear is the absence of trust.
- You have something to give: your life.
- Life is an on-going act of creation.
- We cling to unhappiness because it is known.
- All gifts can be perverted, used poorly.
- All communication is imperfect/partial: a sign pointing past itself.
- Every life is a sign.
- It is less teaching and more simply reminding.
- Selfishness is born from a lack of imagination.
- We are to give it away.
- It takes courage to walk your road.
- Our job is to create so others will find it and be emboldened to find their way.
- The expectations of others will drown you.
- Compliance is death each day.
- Everything is at hand, everything is nigh.
- Immersion is how mastery is approached, how life unfolds.
- Time is a measure of fear. 
- What is called God is simply loving the mystery–trusting it.
- You are to care for your body so your soul can do its work.
- Artfulness is artifice: shallow.
- Wake up to your own way of seeing things and never doubt it.
- We get lost because we forget all this.

* * *

I wish you well.



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