Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fill Up Your

Fill up your glasses
And take your stand
Tip your hat to the world

- Bob Dylan, Duncan and Jimmy

* * *

5 years, 293 posts, something like 200,000 words, 1 premature good-bye, thousands of readers and the incalculable happiness that accrued to me for keeping your good company all this time. Thank you.

For a while now I have been hesitant to add more to this body of work because I knew my time with it was coming to a close. When I was a kid my mom gave me Leon Uris' book Trinity and I inhaled that book until I got to the last 100 pages. I could not bear to read it, to have it end, to let go of such a thrilling book. So I read no more than 5 page a night in order to make it last. I have been slow to write here because I knew soon I would be letting go of this, too, and didn't want it to end, though I was certain it must.

And so, I have come to say good-by and to thank you for being here. You have added both ballast to my wanderings and made my life lighter, easier to carry and nothing I say here can repay such kindness.

* * *

Five years ago I began this project with no idea about what it might be, only that I had to get started. The ideas that informed the work evolved over time as my own thought and ability to write it out changed. The gift of long practice in writing is not the discovery of your voice, but the mastery of it. I make no claim as to any mastery, but I do know that writing for you has brought me closer to it and now I have to try it out in other ways.

I have loved doing this. Thank you for reading it. There is a balance restored when a reader finds someone's words and every word read helps that restoration.

I'll leave this blog intact and available for as long as I live and may it do some good to those who encounter it.

* * *

So, fill up your glasses, my brothers, my sisters, and take your stand. You got this. Your life is a gift forever being unwrapped by your experience, your love, your willingness to walk the road in front of you. Tip your hat to the world and say yes to it all. Even the good-byes.

My love forever.




  1. Oh Nooooooooooooo Noooooooooo Nooooooooooooo
    Your blog is a diamond in a coal mine, it's kick ass, it should be compulsory reading in schools, goals & religious institutions.
    I only recently came across 'Unfuck your life', but as a 'blow in' I have loved your thoughts & way with words and will really miss them.
    Maybe just take a break for a while, what about just putting out a page once every blue moon or just when you feel like it?
    That'll keep the battery charged & keep us fuckers on the right path.
    I hope you live forever, 'cos I've got a lot of back pages to catch up on.
    Best & thanks Mark
    PS Hope you don't lower the Boom!

  2. Just realised I wrote goals instead of gaols, I should've stuck to my own lingo & used 'jails'
    Will someone please invent an intelligent spell checker!