Sunday, June 1, 2014

Like Thunder Needs

Like thunder needs rain
Like a preacher needs pain
Like tongues of flame
Like a sheet stained
Need your love
I need your love

- U2, Hawkmoon 269

* * *

You don't exist in a vacuum.  You, whether you care to or not, whether you believe it or not, whether you give a flying fuck or not, are part of a continuum, part of a flow that uses what you have to give to extend that line, push the river and so keep it flowing, moving, cutting new lines in the rock of existence. No one exists without others. Everything is in relation to others, to the unique circumstance of where you are in the river's flow, to your willingness to participate in the flow or be something others move around. Denying this, refusing this, arguing against this is the way of frustration and fear, of unrequited love and stalled hopes, of brick walls and immovable objects, of being a stranger to yourself. When you refuse to accept that you are in life's flow, or at the very least the flow of your life, you fuck yourself and blind yourself to the gifts you bring because you are always wishing you were someone else, with someone else's gifts and seeming ease. You compare the mucked up life in your hands with the life that flows all around you and you hate what you have. You want something else. You want it to have worked out differently. You want your losses restored. Your love returned. But it doesn't happen because it cannot happen. In your pain you have withdrawn and isolated yourself. You deny the river's flow and so its gifts are denied to you.

And what are those gifts?

Thunder to your rain.
A preacher for your pain.
Your tongue aflame.
A sheet stained.


* * *

What I talk about when I talk about love is this: what we do, here and now, to ease another's pain, to recognize in them the holy spark of life and to tend that spark until it is a flame, until it burns bright, undying. I do not believe in a heavenly father, a holy mother, a universe of saccharine love. I believe the universe is built on change, transformation and since we are built of the things of dead stars, so too, must we change, transform and grow into the beings we can yet be. The catalyst for that change is but one thing: love and love is a wholly human invention. What we do, here and now, in relation to one another determines the course of our lives and also alters the lives of those around us, of our time, and of those yet to be.

And if that is so (and it is so), what are you doing today to tend that fire, to ease that pain, to see yourself on that continuum, to swim in that river, to recognize there are others who need you to be who you are for it changes them, alters their course whether you do it or not.

* * *

Like powder needs a spark
Like lies need the dark
I need your love

* * *

You can listen to a love song and believe it is about two lovers. You can read it as a lover to their God. Let's add another view. It is from the artist to you, from creation to the created, a clarion call to leave the wasteland, to enter the stream, to give and give and give and give and give and give again, bodhisattvas all. This is our true nature, love. This is who we really are: beings capable of inventing love, of reinventing ourselves based on that love, of transforming the course of the river's flow because of that love.

Your losses, your obstacles are but the guideposts of the way you must go to add your gifts to the momentum of the river. What stops you will free you. Where you stumble there lies your treasure. Where you fall is where you rise from. It cannot be otherwise. When you refuse this, when you wish it was otherwise you fuck yourself hard, you fuck yourself into the ground, you become the obstacle others will free themselves from. Remember, everything is in relation to everything else. What you say and do (or don't do) has effects you cannot imagine.

Find the courage to love it all. You'll see you are part of the pulse and rhythm and flow, in fact are the pulse, are the rhythm, are the flow itself.

* * *

Like a rhythm unbroken
Like drums in the night
Like sweet soul music
Like sunlight
I need your love

* * *



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