Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Break The Code

Break the code of death for profit
Break the guns
Break the silence of money
Break the greed of unison

- Sam Phillips, Go Down

* * *

I believe in the grace, dignity and possibility of each life. I do. Even the pig fucked ones. Even the ones that are blind and in their blindness wreak such unmitigated havoc on our lives, our time, our planet. I believe each life contains within it the possibility of knowing itself - not as a consumer, not merely as a combustion of appetites to be satiated, but as a unique part of a whole that knows no shore: oceanic, limitless, changing. I believe this. I do.

I also believe that the accumulated weight of the decisions made by those who are pig fucked, who are blind, who reject out of hand a view of the world such as mine imposes a governor, a keeper, a check against too much autonomy. We participate inside systems of thought that were established and ossified into place before our arrival: religion, commerce, government. Depending on where we were born we view these institutions with gratitude or contempt, weary intellectualism or naive faith. We look out onto a world not of our making and follow the paths laid down by others. In some regards this is a tremendous benefit to us, to our ability to cope with the vicissitudes of life. We need shelter, clean water, safe food, a prospect of peace in our communities. But those same benefits, unquestioned, unchallenged, unconsidered hold us in place, static, fearful of changing anything, accepting of the rules, orders and programs of the very institutions that need our questioning independence to evolve.

If you would have the trains run on time, the food free of pathogens, our streets safe and our politicians and business leaders accountable then you must unfuck your life so you can live a life that simply by being is a rebuke to thoughtless acceptance and instead is a challenge to the pig fucked and blind.

* * *

"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion."

* * *

I say this because we brothers and sisters in the family of fucked fuckers tend to reduce the world to our troubles, our pain, our sense of disconnect and we can fail to see the effect this has on the world around us. Make no mistake: you cannot save the world. The world is fine. It is fucked up and it always has been. Your efforts to find your way out of the dark wood you are wandering in will not curb carbon emissions, or refreeze the ice caps; you will not bring peace to Palestine nor curb the barbarism of Sharia law. But you will change your world, your slice of it and by doing so you will change those around you and they will then have an example of how to be free in the midst of institutions and systems that by necessity wash over what is unique, individual, expressive. 

That's what you get to do. 

And if you think that is a small thing, then you are more fucked then you know. It is everything and pretending that the systems of thought that limn the world, that define the worth (or lack thereof) of life, of any life, of your life, have it figured out or can't be altered to serve us better is to abdicate the authority for your life and hand it to the priests who will filter it through their gods of religion, governance and commerce.

Have you not heard about the 800 babies buried in a septic tank in Ireland? Their great sin to be born poor and to unwed mothers and so unworthy of anything but ignominy?

Trust no priest, no politician, no business interest. 
Trust your soul.

Bend the arc of your time towards justice, towards peace, towards reclamation, towards whatever is in you that seeks a greater expression than enriching the rich, deriding the poor, the other and insist that your life will be lived by right action and right thought regardless of any law, creed, or code - for they are changeable.

And what is right action?

Right action is any thought, word or deed that supports the expression and realization of one's essential dignity and worth without malice or denigration of any other. 

Now you're good to go.

* * *

Find the mystical connection
Find the dreams
Under cynical wreckage
Find the winding conscious stream

* * *



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  1. Had to go for the dictionary on that one,
    Live life love limned.