Saturday, July 28, 2012

I'm Working On

I'm workin' on the high hope
And if it all works out, you might just see me
Or hear from me in a while

- Glen Hansard, High Hope

* * *

When I die I hope to be reincarnated as Glen Hansard.

* * *

This is really hard for me.
I have to leave.
I have to leave.
I have to leave.
I could not imagine my life without having been part of this, whatever the fuck this is.

I have written to understand, not to be understood, and I hope I hope I hope I have given you something that you can carry with you, the way music echoes inside of me: solace and a foot in the ass.

I have covered some ground with you and I am grateful beyond my ability to say how glad I have been for your company. You have been the reason I have stayed here, stayed working, stayed true to the desire to be the man who stayed true to his desire. And now that desire is asking something different from me: a new form, a new venue, a new way of doing my work.

* * *

I still have some road ahead of me and I have to go find out what is there, what is there for me to see, to do, to get done before the clock stops. So, I'm going to go now. You might just see or hear from me in awhile. Until then, I will carry you in the pockets of my soul.

If I forgot to say so earlier, know this: your life is beautiful, you are beautiful just as you are. All you need is to be you: complete, no part left out. And that is how you unfuck your life.

Be well.
Be fierce.
You are forever young.

* * *



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