Saturday, August 21, 2010

In All Things

In all things be a master
Of what you do say and think.
Be free.

The Dhammapada

* * *

If I could have I would have used a different image, but none came to mind. When I was a young fool I chafed under the placid eyes of the Buddha. Fuck him. Glad he got the enlightenment thing all worked out for himself, but I'm still working here. You read enough of that shit and you come to hate it, or least I did.

Still do, in some ways.

But what is hated is a mis-reading, a misunderstanding, a fuck up. Those placid eyes, the thousand year stare, the imperturbability of it all isn't the Buddha or enlightenment or any of that. It is a symbol, a metaphor of what is being offered. The soul of Buddhism is this: if you meet the Buddha - kill him. You cannot be a follower. If you do follow another's precepts you have ceded your soul to them, ceded your authority over your own life to them, to those precepts. No. That is the way of delusion, false gods and wearying sorrow.

It is the way of the fucked.

To be a master in all you say, do and think requires one thing from you: to be who you are - entirely. There are libraries full of self-help books, pseudo celebrities hawking their latest innovation helping you become a better you. Fuck that. It is not betterment that you or I need, but completeness, being exactly who you are.

If there is a sense that something is missing in your life, it is probably you. The fucked life is incomplete, a fraction of what you are capable of. And you'll never quite get to happy because you give away the authority over your life to others: to your employers who dictate so much of your time, to your lovers who occupy your desire, to your religion which occupies your higher self. Yes, you must earn a living, and love your best beloved and pray to the god inside you, but it has to move from the inside out, not the other way around.

The master is one who lives thus and the trials and failings and setbacks and sorrows of this life do stop him/her because they know who they are and just like in the Hokey-Pokey, that's what it's all about.

* * *

A mastered life, one that knows its thoughts, words and deeds is an unfucked life - no matter what else occurs externally. Now that I think of it there are lots of images to include here.

Well, you get the idea.

Own your life. It is the only way.


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