Friday, June 11, 2010

Over The Years

Over the years a sort of rust can build up on your soul. If you've ever tried to loosen a bolt that's been rusted into place you know how much effort it takes to get the damn thing to budge. Being fucked is just like being that bolt: your soul is so heavily encrusted by disappointment, fear, loss, worry, anger and frustration that nothing moves. Just a slow decay.

Brothers, sisters, for the love of God, fuck that.

The monkey wrench for your soul (if I may extend the metaphor) is in your hands and it always has been: choice. When will you use it? When will you accept the responsibility for all that you have or don't have in your life? When will you decide and then act in accordance with that decision to live out the fullness of your name?

Now would be a good answer here.

You are creating the life you are living with each decision made, or left unmade. If you can't muster the energy to choose, then the choice will be made for you and you will have abdicated the one thing you were born to do - live. So much of what passes for life is simply combustion - food goes in and the machine runs until it craps out. It is inevitable that each of us will crap out, that the cold, cold ground is the great equalizer. If that is the case and all men are equal in death then the question is begged: how did you live?

* * *

I am living proof that being the smartest guy in the room is of little use if you don't act on what you have been given to work with. Yeah, others will always have a better hand to play, but the point is, you have no control over that. All you have is what you have and you have to find a way to make it work. You have to unfuck all that is fucked in your life so you can act, do, create, build, engage and embrace the life you've been given.

The clock is always ticking.

Don't wind up with a eulogy that talks about what might have been. Let death hit a moving target. Die with projects on your desk and in your hands. Unfuck your life so your death will have meaning, a positive, life-affirming meaning for those who loved you.

And in return for choosing, acting and doing life will reward you with ones who love you.

Only a fuckhead would pass on that deal.

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